7 Easy Last-Minute DIY Children's Costumes for Any Occasion

7 Easy Last-Minute DIY Children's Costumes for Any Occasion

Check out these seven easy last-minute DIY children's costumes for any occasion and make your toddler very happy!
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A woman making last-minute DIY children’s costumes.


As a parent, you'd always want to make sure that your little bundle of joy is happy. You may always try to keep up with the latest toys and costumes. However, the hectic life pace doesn't always allow us to do what we want to do for our toddlers. For example, a friend of your toddler has a costume-themed birthday party, and, due to various reasons, you forgot about it. Of course, you can always visit our site and purchase the perfect costume, but if there's no time for that, we'll still come to the rescue. That's why we came up with these seven easy last-minute DIY children's costumes for any occasion.

1. The cutest bubble bath

Kids love bubbles. So, why wouldn't you transform them into a bubble bath? It will certainly be fun for them. Also, it will be fast and easy for you. Make a rubber ducky and balloons into a lovely bubble bath costume. Inflate several balloons and secure them to your clothing using safety pins. Put a white t-shirt and white pants on your toddler as a base layer.

The best results will be achieved with a combination of solid white, transparent, and light pink balloons. Since hot glue will burst the balloon, you'll need to use rubber cement to secure the rubber duck to the balloon. The same method works for attaching a sponge, loofah, or another similar lightweight bathroom accessory.


A lot of white balloons.

Instead of wasting balloons after the party – make them into ‘bubbles’ for a costume.

2. Black-eyed pea

It doesn't matter whether you're a lover of the traditional southern legume or the pop music group - a black-eyed pea costume is simple and effective. Another good thing about it is  that you won't have to put much work into it. Draw or paint a capital letter "P" on a white tee using a permanent marker or acrylic paint. After that, outline your toddler's eyes with black, kid-friendly eyeliner and fill it in with shading. Anyone who likes puns is sure to appreciate this. Also, this will definitely be one of the most original costumes at the party you're going to.

3. Duct tape masterpiece

If we had to choose a favorite simple costume concept, this would be it. Duct tape is a timeless DIY solution for many things, from decorating your toddler's room to costume making. Combine all black or white clothes. Then make a concept in your head that you want to draw on it with duct tape. We can tell you to put it this way or that way. However, we think that the possibilities in costume-making with duct tape are endless. The best way to find your perfect fit is just to have fun with it. Have you thought of using some neon to spice things up? Just use various colors of masking tape or duct tape.

4. A little Breakfast at Tiffany's star

If you like to dress up as a celebrity and appreciate sharing it with your offspring, you need to try this Breakfast at Tiffany's hack. You likely already have everything you need in your closet to recreate Audrey Hepburn's famous outfit. Get going with just an LBD (the infamous little black dress, you surely have one in your closet - your toddler will be super excited if you share it). Then, add a couple of pearl necklaces and pull their hair back into a bun for a sophisticated look.

Pile of pearls.

You don’t have to use real pearls.

This is one of the cutest last-minute DIY children's costumes

For an instant dose of glamour, throw on a pair of black shoes and some large sunglasses. Also, according to experts at Consumer Opinion, a pair of long, black gloves are optional but will elevate the outfit to the next level. This costume may not be according to every parent's taste. However, this movie is a classic, and seeing your little toddler in some version of it can turn out to be the cutest thing ever. If your little girl likes to dress up and express many attitudes, this can be a smashing success.

5. Scarecrow

Of course, you don't have to go full glam for this if you want to use some things from your closet for this purpose. If you dig out an old pair of overalls from the depths of your wardrobe, you have the foundation for a quick and easy scarecrow outfit. Find a flannel shirt for your toddler to wear and a straw hat with overalls. If your toddler has long hair, braids will go perfectly with this costume.

Extra large freckles drawn on with an eyebrow pencil may make your toddler's face seem adorable. You may now stuff straw into the pockets and expose part of it over the overalls. The final touch to every outfit is a pair of sneakers or boots.

6. Hippy kid - happy kid

The adaptability of a hippy getup is its greatest strength. All genders and age groups may benefit from it. Your toddler can look quite cute in it. To make this outfit, you may use what you already have around the house by mixing and matching the following items:

 bell bottoms

 dresses and jumpsuits with a loose, flouncy fit and a flowery pattern

 vests or boots made of suede

 all sorts of beaded accessories (scarves, hats, etc.)

7. And, of course - a princess!

If you don't have a lot of time to pick some of our best princess costumes, don't worry. You can still fulfill your toddler's wish to be a princess. Simply find a dress that will go all the way to the floor once it's on (it can be your dress or dad's shirt even, just make sure that your little one is okay with the color). Then, cut a crown out of paper, paint, and decorate it with your toddler, and - voila!

A toddler wearing a crown.

 A princess costume is one of the easiest last-minute DIY children’s costumes.

You can try these out for fun too

These seven easy ideas for last-minute DIY children's costumes can be a lifesaver on any occasion. But you can also simply choose to try to create some of these ideas even if you don't have anywhere to go. Take some time to enjoy the whole process with your toddler. After all, bonding is everything that matters. 

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