Parents playing and talking to their child.

How to Encourage and Join Your Child in Pretend Play Activities

Ignite your child's imagination! Learn how to encourage and join your child in pretend play activities and foster skills in creativity.
Little girl wearing a pink dress playing with jewelry

Little Treasures How Children's Jewelry Adds Magic to Their World

Explore the enchanting ways how children's jewelry adds magic to their world and discover creativity, bonding, confidence, and so much more.
A girl sitting near the mirror holding a red necklace.

Playdate Glamour: Dressing Up with Stylish Children's Jewelry

Discover the magic of stylish children's jewelry! Explore top trends, DIY ideas, caring tips, and meaningful playdate gift options.
Kid laying in bed on their phone.

Protecting Your Kids From Excessive Screen Time

All over the world, there has been a growing concern over digital screen time among children, which has increased significantly in the past few years. A survey among Canadian parents found that chi...
Little kid on swing set.

Screen-free At Home Activities: Summer Edition

With the days getting warmer and the sun out longer, there is nothing more exciting than enjoying the hot summer weather. As children are getting older and generations are constantly changing, it'...
A little witch, an example of accessories for your child’s dress-up collection.

The Best Accessories for Your Child’s Dress-Up Collection

Check out our guide on the best accessories for your child’s dress-up collection. Ensure they always have fun when they are playing!
Children in costumes standing beside a castle wall painting.

The Best Ways to Store Your Children's Costumes

Discover creative ways to store your children's costumes. Enhance longevity, maintain quality, and declutter spaces with our guide.
My Favorite Screen-Free Childhood Memories by Krishika Jethani

My Favorite Screen-Free Childhood Memories by Krishika Jethani

If there is one thing I miss about being a kid, it's definitely the creativity and imagination I had when finding ways to spend my time. The beauty of role play and screen-free activities is that ...
How to Host the Best Dress-Up Party for Kids

How to Host the Best Dress-Up Party for Kids

Discover how to host the best dress-up party for kids and help them settle in after moving or starting a new school with creative ideas.