Most Original Costume Ideas for Preschoolers

Most Original Costume Ideas for Preschoolers

Lacking inspiration for the upcoming costume party? Check out some of the most original costume


original costume ideas for preschoolers

Halloween season is coming, and chances are your little one will have a costume party at preschool, but also go trick-or-treating. Putting on a costume is a very epical event for each kid, as it fires up their imagination and lets them be whatever they want for a day. However, creating a new costume can challenge parents as kids’ interests change over the years. Your little one may have been into dinosaurs last year, but maybe they want to be a superhero this time. This guide is for all the parents looking for unique costume inspiration this Halloween. Here are the most original costume ideas for preschoolers you can use to create a costume your little one will get the most ‘wows’ for.


A huge Lego brick

Everyone knows kids love to play with Legos. Well, this costume party may be just the right moment to use all the parts that are misplaced and create the most original costume. Use a cardboard box and some paper to create a huge Lego brick your kid can fit in, and paint it in their favorite color. Small Legos you can find around the house can be used for hair decoration, making this costume a lot of fun! This is a rather simple costume to do, yet is very effective and can’t go unnoticed, especially among kids.


bricks for playing

Your kid's favorite toy can be the inspiration for a unique costume. 


The Flintstones

If you’re lucky enough to have more than one preschooler in your home, you can easily create this group costume! They can even do it with their best friend and make it a unique costume group of the Flintstones from Bedrock. Our favorite prehistoric characters include Fred, Vilma, Barney, Betty, and their children Pebbles and Bamm-Bamm. All the characters make simple costumes and original ideas that take back some childhood memories!


A bubble bath

There’s probably no kid who doesn’t like a good bubble bath. So why wouldn’t you turn their favorite bedtime activity into an original costume idea? The costume is pretty easy to make – you just need some white clothes and lots of white, light pink, and clear balloons for all the bubbles. Stick the balloons all around your little ones, add some rubber ducks, and they are good to go!


Gumball Machine

Kids love gumball machines, so this makes a perfect costume for their Halloween party. For this colorful costume, you’ll need a white t-shirt, a red skirt or pants, and lots of pompoms! Stick them to the shirt, but also use them to create a colorful headpiece – you can do that with a simple hair band and a glue gun. Don’t forget to add some real gumballs or candies to their pockets, so they can hand them out to other kids! Caption: Let this amazing machine of joy be the inspiration for a unique costume for your little one!


a gumball machine on a table

Let this amazing machine of joy be the inspiration for a unique costume for your little one!

A UFO spaceship costume

If your little one is exploring space, this might be the right costume for them. You can create a fantastic UFO spaceship with a clear umbrella and some cardboard. Make the umbrella the upper part and decorate it with battery-operated led lights. Use cardboard to create the bottom part of the UFO, and let your kid paint some space symbols on it. This costume is not difficult to make; your kid can carry it around like a regular umbrella and put it down whenever needed. Furthermore, leftover cardboard can be a great source of fun, as there are many activities your kids can do with it after you’re finished making the costume.


A jellyfish

If you have one more see-through umbrella, you can also make another original costume for your preschooler. Jellyfish is something you can make out of a clear umbrella, some bubble wrap, and some colorful ribbons. Cut the ribbons and bubble wrap into strips according to your kid’s height, and glue it around the edge of the umbrella, making jellyfish arms and tentacles. On the body of your jellyfish (the umbrella), you can draw the face, but also add some lights underneath for the most spectacular costume ever.


Making or buying a costume

You can have loads of fun with your little one making a costume. It can be a great DIY project you can do with each other and spend quality time together. However, kids often want an outfit that’s difficult to make or don’t have time or supplies to make it as original as they wish. Luckily, there are many different costumes to choose from online, and make sure this costume party is a success. It’s much easier to find an outfit your kid will love, but it can also save you time – especially if a costume party comes up last minute. However, don’t forget that any costume you make or buy can be preserved for the next Halloween season for the younger kids to wear when they grow up. Costumes and other things need to be packed properly to maintain your Halloween decorations, keep them safe for next year and not waste additional time or money to make or buy them. Read the tips to help you pack and store all the holiday items safely and ensure they remain intact for the next holiday season. Some costumes are easy to store, while others require a bit more effort.

kids dressed as mummies Is there a favorite among these original costume ideas for preschoolers?
Let this amazing machine of joy be the inspiration for a unique costume for your little one!


The best way to choose among these original costume ideas for preschoolers is to consult with your little one. Explore their interests and preferences and see what would make a perfect costume for this year’s costume party. Only by choosing the idea your little one loves you’ll be able to make the best costume they rock this Halloween season and feel great about it!

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