Simple Ways To Nurture Your Children's Creativity At Home

Simple Ways To Nurture Your Children's Creativity At Home

Teaching your kids how to tap into their creativity is key. Here are some simple ways to nurture your children’s creativity at home.
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Nurture your children’s creativity at home through play.

Simple Ways To Nurture Your Children's Creativity At Home

Creativity is a beautiful and handy human trait. It allows us to develop innovative ideas that can benefit us and even humanity. After all, every great invention is based on creativity. The good news is that kids are born with it. Nevertheless, they do need to learn how to tap into their creativity. As a parent, you are responsible for encouraging your children to be creative by providing them with the right tools and environment. That is also a great way to keep your little ones entertained at home. So, it’s a win-win scenario. Look at these simple ways to nurture your children’s creativity at home.


No. 1 Open-ended toys are a great way to nurture your children’s creativity at home

With such a wide variety of toys on the market, it’s hard for parents to decide which are best. As a result, they often spend a fortune and fill their kids’ rooms with all types of toys. However, you should buy open-ended toys to save money and encourage your children’s creativity.

As opposed to close-ended toys that have a beginning and an end (e.g., puzzles and board games), open-ended toys have multiple purposes. That’s why they can be used year after year without your little ones getting bored of them. Not to mention that they are timeless and can be passed down for generations. Some examples include blocks, Lego, building sets, and dressing up clothes.


A child playing with blocks.

Open-ended toys, like blocks, are a great way to nurture your children’s creativity at home.


No. 2 Read inspiring books to them

Another great way to nurture your children’s creativity at home is by reading inspiring books to them. That will open up their minds to infinite possibilities. They will discover fantasy worlds, countless characters, and new ideas. What’s great about this is that it will encourage pretend play and imagination. Furthermore, it will inspire your kids to continue reading even as they age. Nevertheless, make sure you do a bit of research first to identify age-appropriate books.


No. 3 Surround them with arts and crafts products

Instead of surrounding your children with toys, you should surround them with arts and crafts products. Having permanent access to colored pencils, felt pens, drawing paper, paints, and playdough promotes creativity. Moreover, as a parent, you should also encourage using these products. For example, you could schedule one hour for such artistic activities daily. And you can even join in to show your children that you also have an artistic side.


A child using arts and crafts products.

 Surround your kids with arts and crafts products to promote creativity. 

No. 4 Repurpose useless items

When you have kids, your home seems to get smaller and smaller every day. The main reason is that children’s toys and accessories tend to overcrowd the space. As a result, the consultants from Centennial Moving advise you to declutter your home regularly. You should sell or donate everything that your kids no longer need. And if you wish to keep some items for your future children, you should consider renting storage.

On the one hand, by decluttering your home, you’ll create more space for your kids to play. On the other hand, this can also be beneficial for your budget. Instead of investing money into new toys, you can repurpose some useless items in your home and simultaneously promote creativity.

For instance, you and your kids could create a tent out o old blankets. Or you could use old boxes to create a dollhouse and dress up toy animals in old baby clothes. There are limitless possibilities. You just need to use your creativity.


No. 5 Let them create DIY costumes

Promoting DIY projects will encourage your kids to use their creativity. One of the best ideas is to let your kids create DIY costumes. After all, kids get invited to lots of costume parties, so they frequently need to dress up. Instead of buying a new costume for each occasion, you should help them make their own.

You can ask them to draw their desired costumes if they are very little. Then, let them observe the rest of the process and contribute however they can. You can even wear some old clothes you’ve found during decluttering. You can gradually teach them to use scissors and how to sew as they age. That nurtures their creativity but also teaches them some valuable skills.


A kid dressed up in a DIY costume.

If you want to nurture creativity, let your kids create their DIY costumes.


No. 6 Let them explore the outdoors

Kids nowadays tend to spend a lot of time indoors. They play a lot on their computers, phones, and tablets and watch too much TV. Unfortunately, in time, this will limit their creativity. Therefore, promoting screen-free activities at home is a must.

And what better way to do this than by letting them explore the wonders of nature? If you have a backyard, it’s enough to take some of your children’s toys outside and let them play there. You can even organize playdates in your backyard to make things more fun.

But even if you don’t have a backyard, you can still plan inspiring outdoor activities. You can take your kids hiking or cycling or go camping. Use this time to teach them about various animals, birds, trees, flowers, and geographic areas. Knowing a whole other world will boost their creativity and desire to explore.


No. 7 Encourage role play

You can use all of the previous ideas to encourage role-play. Because the truth is that there’s no better way to nurture your children’s creativity at home than this. Plus, it’s a lot of fun and helps develop your kids’ problem-solving skills. They can put themselves in the shoes of a police officer, a teacher, a doctor, a shopkeeper, a fictional character, etc.


In conclusion

Helping your kids tap into their creativity is very important. After all, this is something that they’ll use throughout their lives. So, if you want them to thrive, provide them with a creative home environment. Use these simple ways to nurture your children’s creativity at home and use your imagination to develop additional ones.


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