The Coolest Halloween Costumes for Your Little Ones in 2022

The Coolest Halloween Costumes for Your Little Ones in 2022

Looking for some of the coolest Halloween costumes for your little ones? Look no more. We have some fantastic ideas for you.
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For children, Halloween is the most exciting time of the year! Why? Because it incorporates two of their favorite things - playing dress-up and eating sweets. But, for this holiday to be fantastic, your little ones must have that perfect costume. That can be a character from their favorite cartoon, a superhero, a fruit or an animal, or something Halloween-y like a witch, ghost, skeleton, etc. We know there are many options, which sometimes makes it difficult to choose. However, there is nothing to worry about, especially as you have us to help you out. We prepared a list of the coolest Halloween costumes for your little ones in 2022. You still have time to pick your favorite and have it made (or bought). So, keep on reading.


If you don't know what costume to get for your little one, you can always go for a skelebone - or a kid's skeleton costume. This is a classic that never goes out of style. Moreover, this is a costume that doesn't cost much, that doesn't take up much space, and, most importantly, that can be bought in pretty much any costume-specialized store.

However, prepare for many scary nights once your child gets into this costume. Yes, your child will sneak into your room in their glow-in-the-dark skeleton costume and stare at you until you get scared even a little bit.

Two children wearing skeleton costumes.

Caption: All children love skeletons!

Sally or Jack from 'The Nightmare Before Christmas'

We all love 'The Nightmare Before Christmas.' This is a perfect movie to watch on Halloween night while munching on thoseΒ frightful fruits. Or while munching on all those sweets that you got when trick-or-treating. If you agree, one of the coolest Halloween costumes for your little ones has to be Jack and Sally.

You can make Halloween even more interesting for your children if you make the costumes all by yourself. The costume of Sally, a sweet-faced ragdoll, can be made from any old clothes you have in your home - that is the best part. Of course, for the costume of Jack, you need black fabric and some white face paint.

Moreover, if you have a dog, you can dress them up as Zero too. Zero is a beloved dog character from this movie. Just think how cute your little ones and furry ones will look when dressed up as Nightmare Before Christmas characters.Β Β 

Fairytale Witch (or just a Regular Witch)

If you have just moved to the new city and don't have time to make or go out and buy a new costume, grab that last year's witch costume. All children wore witch costumes at least once, so you probably have them lying in their closets. The best part about this costume is that you don't have to worry about your child overgrowing it next year because this costume only consists of a cloak, hat, and broom.

However, why sacrifice Halloween and risk having a disappointed child when you can just let professionals unpack you and help you settle in while you make an even better witch costume this year? That is a piece of advice guys from Apollo Moving always give to their clients who move this time of year. So, let professionals handle everything moving-related while you make that perfect costume of the witches from Hocus Pokus.

A girl wearing a witch costume

Caption: Any girl would love to be dressed up as a witch on Halloween.


We cannot discuss the coolest Halloween costumes for your little ones without mentioning superheroes. All moms like dressing their boys in superhero costumes. It doesn't matter which superhero you go for - Spiderman, Superman, Batman, Captain America, Daredevil, the Flash, etc., you cannot go wrong. Moreover, you cannot go wrong if you dress up your girl in Wonder Woman, for example.

Moreover, superheroes are great if you are looking for a theme for the upcoming kid's party. Since all kids love superheroes, a superhero-themed party is something you cannot go wrong with. Besides the costumes, you will need some music (from the movies preferably), superhero-shaped balloons, and a lot of candy.

The only downside of superhero costumes is that they are hard to make. You will need a lot of materials and a lot of sewing skills. So, if you lack those, better start shopping for the particular superhero costume in stores.

A boy wearing a Spiderman costume

Caption: Superhero costumes are loved by all children.

Inflatable Costumes

Inflatable costumes are all the rage these days. More and more children want to have inflatable costumes for Halloween. If you ask them why, they will all tell you the same - those costumes are fun. And fun is all children need.

Inflatable costumes come in all shapes, sizes, colors, etc. Some of the most wanted and coolest Halloween costumes for your little ones can be Olaf from 'Frozen,' Rex from 'Toy Story,' the shark from 'Baby Shark,' and even things like fruits, vegetables, or some funny objects. Don't worry; even if this is your first time hearing about these inflatable costumes, be sure that you will find them pretty much anywhere - in costume shops, in supermarkets, and maybe even in your local store. You can find them anywhere because they are cheap and usually packed in a small plastic bag.

We mentioned some of the coolest Halloween costumes for your little ones for 2022. But, before you buy or make anything, be sure to consult with your little one. Just because all the children are into dressing up as their favorite gamers right now, it doesn't mean that your child wants that too - maybe they want to be a robot, a cowboy, or a ballerina. So, talk to them. Ask them what they want. That is the only way to have a terrific Halloween with fabulous costumes.

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