Costume Feature: A pretend-play princess dress fit for Cinderella!

Costume Feature: A pretend-play princess dress fit for Cinderella!

One of our favourite dress-up looks is our timeless Cinderella Gown. Made with the highest quality fabrics, trims and accents, this gown features exquisite detailing, beautiful patterns and layers of rich textiles. It will absolutely make your little one feel and look every bit the part of a fairytale princess.

Recently, sisters (and mom bloggers) Lauren and Chelsea of Jane + Shelin shared some adorable photos of our Cinderella gown on their blog. We thought they were sweet enough to share twice. 


"I love watching my children come up with stories and watch them bring it to life. From an early age, fostering opportunities for children to use their imagination is so important. It can be as a simple as pretending an empty box is a race car, building a city out of blocks or pretending we are knights protecting our castle home.



Kinsley loves princesses so she was beyond excited to dress up as one of her favourite princesses, Cinderella. The gloves and crown accessories brought a huge smile to her face. She wore the dress all day long spinning and twirling around and even ate her meals asking us to address her as Cinderella."



Isn't she so sweet? Shop our full collection of Deluxe Princess Gowns here. 

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