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Screen-free At Home Activities: Summer Edition

With the days getting warmer and the sun out longer, there is nothing more exciting than enjoying the hot summer weather. As children are getting older and generations are constantly changing, it's always important to keep scree-free activities entertaining. There is no better way to enjoy the summer than by spending your days outside, dreaming to be whoever you want to be, and acting upon it.

Enjoying a relaxing pool day in this beautiful weather can sound like the most appealing plan to children. Wearing any stylish swimwear, especially if it is designed as your favorite princess, will only make your day more fun. At the pool, children have the opportunity to play different games, such as "Marco Polo" or "Categories", among others and can enjoy the outdoor weather, rather than staying inside. It is also a great way to have a fun bonding experience with your family by the water. Having fun in the pool is a great way to get your children away from the screens and focus on their personal friendships!

Pretend play is a great way to get children to think outside of their box and engage in roles outside their comfort level. Whether that be wanting to be a pirate or a mermaid, when kids have the tools to play, they will engage in it. Role play is when you pretend you are a new character & discover that character's thoughts, emotions, and experiences through interactive storytelling & improvisation. You can be a pirate in search of your treasure box or a mermaid splashing and discover her home in the water. When being outside, you can use your surroundings to create scenarios and get into character. By playing together, kids can combine their creative minds. There is nothing like creating your own map and following it along your outdoor area to find your treasure.

Kids dressed up as a bee and ladybug playing outside.
Caption: Little kids playing outside. 

Engaging in creative pursuits such as scrapbooking, painting or drawing can also provide a fun experience for children. By granting them the freedom to express their unique ideas, these activities not only entertain but also facilitate the acquisition of new skills, fostering their learning and growth along the way. The opportunity to color your own accessories and dress up products can lead to hours of hard work and concentration but the final product is worth the wait. Children will be able to use fun crafting materials to create designs and color combinations that are to their liking.

Promoting screen-free activities within your household allows children to harness their creative potential & socialize with their peers. By encouraging them to rely on their imaginative minds and move away from technology, children are afforded the chance to interact meaningfully, fostering their creativity and interpersonal skills.

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