Meet the Maker Monday with Mitchell

July 06, 2020

Happy Monday friends! We hope you had a fantastic and safe long weekend! This Monday we would like to introduce you to Mitchell! Mitchell is our cutting technician, who prepares all of the materials for our sewers. We have recently automated some of the cutting process for efficiency and Mitchell will show you how today!  



Lindsay: Hi everyone! We’re here at Great Pretenders and we are talking with Mitchell today! He has a really cool job here at Great Pretenders! So tell us about your role here and how long you’ve worked here!


Mitchell: I am the cutting technician for Great Pretenders. I cut all of the Made in Canada products. Using this! My cutting table! I have worked here for 2 years.


Lindsay: Awesome! So this cutting table is new to you and Great Pretenders. Can you tell us about what you were using before, and how this new table has changed your whole life!

Mitchell: Before we got this cutting table, we had to do everything manually. So that means I had a really long table and a spreader on it, that we would roll back and forth. I would load a roll of fabric onto that, and I would have to roll it up and roll it back. And then I would have to take a large knife, and manually cut out all the pieces. I would have a piece of paper onto of what I laid out, and I would have this knife and I would have to cut out like I was tracing a path. 

Lindsay: So how is it different now?

Mitchell: So what I do now, is very similar to what I used to do. But the computer and the machine do it. Now we have a computer that all of the patterns are loaded into. So when I lay out my fabric, I move it onto this table, this plastic will go over the fabric, a vacuum will suck all the air out of that, flattening the fabric down. Then I’ll load up my pattern from the computer, put it into the machine and the machine will cut out the pattern by itself.

Lindsay: That’s really cool! I am interested to know what your hobbies are outside of work, or how has your background or personal hobbies influenced your career here?

Mitchell: My background is in theatre production for live events. I specialize in costuming. Which is how I ended up here! Originally I applied for a sewing position, but there was a cutting position available so I decided to take that! I also do a lot of cosplay too! That experience definitely helps working here!


Lindsay: From that, I would love to know what your favourite Great Pretenders costume is! I even brought a catalog for you to chose from.


Mitchell: I like one that we don’t make too often. It is our chain metal capes!


Lindsay: I love those capes! I think those are a very underrated cape personally!


Lindsay: Thanks for chatting Mitchell! We will see you later, have a great day!

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