Meet the Maker Monday with Lucy

August 17, 2020

Happy Monday!! We want to introduce you to a VERY special guest this week... Miss Lucy!! Lucy, her sister Matilda and her mom Kate were here for their summer visit, so we thought we would sneak in an interview with our favourite model. Lucy LOVES coming to visit grandma at work because it means she gets to raid Lindsay's office for all the dress-up attire she could imagine! 

Lindsay: Hi everyone! We’re here with Lucy at Great Pretenders! Lucy is very famous around here. She is Joyce’s granddaughter and she is our official Great Pretenders costume model.

Lindsay: Lucy, What do you want to be for Halloween?

Lucy: A witch!

Kate: Why do you want to be a witch Lucy?

Lucy: So I can get bubble gum.

Lindsay: A ball gown?


Kate: How are you going to get bubble gum?

Lucy: Because I want to scary everybody!

Lindsay: That’s great! I think you will! You will be the best witch!

Kate: Can you explain to us how Halloween works?

Lucy: the one that is the scariest gets the most candy

Lindsay: The scariest gets the most candy!! I think you’re right! So you’ve got to be REALLY scary then!

Do you have a little sister?


Lindsay: Matilda the trouble maker!! Hahah, now does she like to dress up too?

Lucy: Well, she loves putting shoes everywhere!

Lindsay: Do you like shoes as well?

Lucy: Well these shiny shoes are great!

Lindsay: I love your shiny shoes!!


Lindsay: Can you tell us how old you are? Maybe you can show us!

Lucy: 4! 

Lindsay: Are you going to put that on your sandwich? (referring to the rhinestone cake topper Lucy found in Lindsay’s office) 

Lucy: No. 

Kate: What’re you going to do with it? 

Lucy: I’m gonna do something with it. I didn’t decide yet.

Lindsay: Can you tell us what does mommy do for work?

Lucy: *GASP* I have a great idea!!! My next birthday, on the sparkling cake that we made for my birthday the other day, we can stick this on top!!! 

Lindsay & Kate: THAT’S A GREAT IDEA!

Lucy: Ya! We can stick this on top of a cake or make!! or a cookie!! 

Lindsay: On your next birthday how old are you going to be?!

Lucy: Five!

Lindsay: And you already have a five!! That’s perfect!!

Lucy, do you like to dressup?

Lucy: YEP!

Lindsay: Can you tell us about your favourite part of this dress you have on?

Lucy: This part! *points to the sparkles*

Lindsay: You like the sparkles? It’s beautiful!

Lucy: Do you think I can bring it home?

Lindsay: I think you might have to ask Grandma if you can bring it home. Maybe when shes back later we can ask her.

Kate: Would you like to bring it home?

Lucy: YES!

Lindsay: What’re you looking at here? What top do you like better?

Lucy: This one! 

Lindsay: Do you know what animal this is going to be as a dress?

Lucy: A FOX!

Lindsay: You got it!!

Lucy: We need to sew it together!

Lindsay: You’re right! We’ve got some work to do.

Lucy: Yeah!

Lindsay: There is the skirt!

Lucy: *MUAH!* I love it!

Kate: Were you a fox last years for Halloween? Why were you dressed as a fox? 

Lucy: Just to get my bubble candies! 


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