Meet the Maker Monday with Allan

July 27, 2020

Happy Meet the Maker Monday! This week we want to introduce you to Allan! Allan is our Graphic Designer and has been part of our team for 5 years. He is responsible for designing our catalogs and seriously does an amazing job! Watch the video to hear Allan's responses to our rapid fire questions! 

Want to play our Fire Round questions with your children at home? Scroll to the bottom to see more! 

Lindsay: Hello everyone! We are here at Great Pretenders and now we are talking with Allan! Allan, tell us about your job here! How long have you worked here?


Allan: I’m Allan, I’m going on about 5 years here at Great Pretenders. I’m in the Marketing Department for both photography and videos of the products. I am involved with creating our catalog as well as some of the supplemental catalogs we do as well. I do most of the in house photography. Anything that is shot in the studio.


Lindsay: What would you say is something that you are proud of from working at Great Pretenders? An achievement that you are proud of?


Allan: I would say the catalogs for sure! We have come along way the design with them and what we have been able to implement. We’ve got some really nice features now that the reps like and the product photography that we get from some really great external photographers and it’s been a joy to see it come along as it has!


Lindsay: It really has! It looks amazing! This year’s catalog IS amazing.


Allan: Thanks! It’s a whole project that involves a lot of people, not just me. But it is a great joy to be a part of it!


Lindsay: That’s great! What do you look for when choosing a photograph that goes in our catalog?


Allan: Well there is two parts to that. You want an image that is technically sound. It’s got to be in focus, it has to be framed well, it needs to show the product nicely. And then there is the artistic side as well! Where the child has to be just having a blast! We really look to see the energy that is coming from the joy that our products bring. You can’t quantify that, you just know it when you see it and know that it is a great shot!


Lindsay: Can you tell us about a childhood memory related to pretend play?


Allan: Well, I could tell a lot, but I probably wont on some of them hahaha. But I was always a climber when I was little. I loved Spiderman. I think he was my favourite super hero! So I was always climbing, my parents would grab me off of the roof, they would get me off of the big TV antennas we used to have back then. And I also used to take garbage bags and it would drive my mother nuts because there was never garbage bags around the house! But I would tie them around my neck and make a cape out of them and run around the yard. I think my favourite item we sell at Great Pretenders combines those! We have the reversible Spiderman Bat cape. So that would have to be my favourite.

Allan's favourite Great Pretenders Costumes 

Lindsay: That’s perfect! Okay, we are going to do a fire round of questions! Ready? Pick one that is your preference.


Lindsay: Knight or Dragon?

Allan: Dragon

Lindsay: Ability to fly of ability to be invisible?

Allan: Invisible. Flying would mess up my hair

Lindsay: Hhaha! Books or movies?

Allan: Movies. Usually movies!

Lindsay: Beach or Pool?

Allan: Pool for sure!

Lindsay: Cake or Ice cream?

Allan: Both! One on top of another

Lindsay: Ice cream cake right?! That’s the only answer!

Allan: Exactly!

Lindsay: Princess or fairy?

Allan: Princess! You gotta rescue Princess Peach at the end with Mario and Luigi! So definitely princess.


Lindsay: Okay that’s great! Thank you Allan and thank you everyone again for watching! Have a good day!


Play our fire round of questions with your kids! See below.

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