Meet the Maker Monday - Lukas Schieck

Meet the Maker Monday - Lukas Schieck

This Monday for Meet the Maker Monday, we want to introduce you to Lukas Schieck. He is the Process & Execution Manager and I work with our other teams to find the best way to get things done.

Happy Monday everyone! We hope you had a great weekend!

 This Monday for Meet the Maker Monday, we want to introduce you to Lukas Schieck. He is the Process & Execution Manager and I work with our other teams to find the best way to get things done. This means brainstorming solutions having discussions on what their problems/needs are or asking them for information in or about their role. I support our team to help accomplish the goals we have set for ourselves. Before this position Lukas worked as our Purchasing and Safety & Product Compliance Manager. He was responsible for making sure we have product in stock or in our warehouse, and making sure they meet product safety standards for your kids to play with!”

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Lindsay: What is your role at Great Pretenders, and how long have you worked here?  

Lukas: Hi everyone! I’m Lukas, and I am the Process & Execution Manager. Before that, I worked with Great Pretenders as a Purchasing and Safety & Product Compliance Manager. I have been with Great Pretenders since April of 2014.


Lindsay: What do you think of our Canadian manufacturing aspect?

Lukas: I think that Canadian Manufacturing is really cool! I’m in Operations, so I am a numbers type of guy, so I am seeing the ability for us to be flexible with what product we can deliver, being able to offer product very quickly when a new trend arises. I like that we are gaining knowledge in how our product is made from raw materials, all the way to delivering to the end consumer. I think it is awesome that we can gain all this knowledge, from us running our facility here in Canada.


Lindsay: We produce some of our products in China. What is it like working with China?

Lukas: Well, I don’t actually work with China, I work with the people in China! And being in this situation where a lot of us are working remote, it has made me think more about the human behind the role. It has reminded me to make sure I keep connecting with the people in the role. It has been great working with the people in China!


Lindsay: We know you are the father to 2 kids- How old are they? What is your favourite costume they have worn? 

Lukas: I have two kids. Liam is 8 years old, Aria is 7. They are about 1 1/2 year apart. Liam likes the knight and dragon type of items, and Aria is a princess/dragon or knight because I like to join in on their play time, I think Aria rubs off on the two boys playing. One of our favourite activities is to play sword fights. They are able to attack me, then they get 10 extra minutes to stay up after bed time. I try to defend as much as I can, but they usually win!


Lindsay: How is pretend play important to you and your life?

 Lukas: Pretend play has played a in part in my life, for as long as I can remember. My mom used to tie tea towels around my neck and me and my brother would pretend to be superheroes! We would run around the mall with our tea towels on pretending to be Batman and Robin! Even now, I play with my kids and I have some hobbies too that involve some pretend play. I am truly a kid at heart.


Lindsay: At our last social event you told us a story about a joke your son invented - Can you share it with our viewers?  

Lukas: Let me give a little context here! I am on a vacation day from work, reading a book while my son is in taking a bath and he says “daddy I have a joke for you! What happens if you throw all of the books into the ocean?” and I said “I don’t know” so he says “There would be a title wave!”

Then two minutes go by, and he says “Daddy i’ve made up a joke!” He says “What do you cal someone with large imagination?” and I say “What Liam?” He replies “a GREAT PRETENDER!”

So I naturally jump off the couch instantly. It made me so excited because it was a world’s collide moment! My son, who is being creative and using his imagination and my job that I love to do! It was really cool to see him make that connection.

Lindsay: What are your interests outside of work?

Lukas: Lately, I have been bird watching. Since about two months now, I have been going out to our local nature trails and have been taking pictures of lots of birds. I have  about 50 or 60 species of different birds that I have photographed now, and it’s super rewarding to get that one shot that you haven’t gotten before!


Lindsay: Do you collect anything?

Lukas: I do! So I collect bird photography. But I am also into painting models. So that’s where the pretend play as an adult comes in! I am painting these models and then once I paint that one action figure, of course you have to play with it a bit!



Lindsay: What was the last show you binge watched?

Lukas: My wife and I have just finished watching our third or fourth rewatch of The Office. At the end we both kind of looked at each other and cried a little and said “well what do we do now?”


Lindsay: How is this job different from other jobs you have had in the past? 

 Lukas: I would say the culture of this job is the one key difference. I have worked at jobs where you can tell that there is people that don’t want to be there and are just clocking in and out mentally, and they’re just not excited to come to work. Here it’s different! It seems like everyone I talk to is enjoying their time here and it’s a lot of fun to be working here!


That reminds me of a quote from The Office season finale! Andy Bernard  says “I wish we knew about the good old days before we actually left them”  

Thanks Lukas for interviewing with us today!

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