Creative Ways to Reuse Your Kid's Old Costumes

Creative Ways to Reuse Your Kid's Old Costumes

Do you have kids’ costumes at home you don’t know what to do with? Here are creative ways to reuse your kid’s old costumes.
Kids in costumes

Creative Ways to Reuse Your Kid's Old Costumes

The reuse and recycling of your kid’s old costumes have several benefits. For instance, costumes thrown in the garbage will last a long time in a landfill. And as you know, that is bad for the environment. Also, since polyester costumes contain petroleum-based materials, they won't decompose. Even cotton costumes don’t decompose too quickly in landfills. However, you should know that there are creative ways to reuse your kid’s old costumes. Therefore, why should you buy a new one when you can refresh an old one? After all, not purchasing as many new items is always beneficial for the environment.

Furthermore, you can win back part of the expense of your costume if you can sell it. And that can help support the household finances. So without further ado, here are some great ways to make your kid’s old costumes shine again.

Turn your kid’s old costumes into decorations

Old costumes are a terrific resource if you want to get artistic while making decorations. You may use them to create brand-new themed decorations or traditional house decorations.

In addition, decorations are one of the few items that cost more than costumes for a holiday. By reusing previous attire to create new decorations, you may solve two problems at once. This plan will guarantee that you receive your money's worth and that you'll reduce the annual quantity of waste.

Halloween decoration as an example of how to reuse your kid’s old costumes.
 You can use parts of your kid’s costume to create decorations for next year's events.

Save the costumes for upcoming events

Try upcycling the old costumes rather than recycling them. Many children don't like to wear the same outfit twice. However, the old costume can be handy for a school play or dance performance. They might even put it on for another holiday gathering or a cousin's themed birthday celebration. Therefore, keep costumes for at least a year to get the most usage. Even better, create a dress-up bin for your costumes and gather them from family and friends. Encourage your children to act in a play they have written and use the costumes you collected.

Do a costume swap

Swapping costumes is another option to save money and make the most of your kid’s old costumes. Talk about trading costumes with other parents if your children are in a playgroup or have best friends at school. That way, each youngster receives a new costume, and nobody needs to spend money on a brand-new outfit. Once you've traded as much as possible, consider finding new uses for old costumes.

Mix and match old costumes

Try using the previous costumes in parts if your kids don't want to wear the same outfit again. Consider matching a plus-size piece for the upper part and a pair of slim-fitting pants for the lower half. In addition, remember that children enjoy dressing up as superheroes, so a minor costume change will rekindle their enthusiasm for the next event. You can also improve the newly obtained costume by adding fake blood, face paint, shredding the costume, and many other creative ideas.

Kids playing with old costumes.Encourage your kids to play with their costumes and match them to create new ones.

Support your green living: make reusable bags

Reuse your kid’s old costumes as produce or supermarket bags for harvesting or grocery shopping. When making bags at home is so simple, why bother purchasing them in stores? In addition, you can fill your handmade bags with fresh produce to save money and avoid single-use plastic bags.

One idea to make a reusable bag is to take an old costume t-shirt, cut its sleeves, and sew the bottom. Suppose it’s a superhero shirt. Even better! You can explain to your kids how their favorite hero is now helping you save the planet.

Make some cushion covers

Some of your kids' costumes have lovely patterns you can’t part with? Great news: you don’t have to! You can reuse your kid’s old costumes to make cushion covers. Finding five-minute instructions and simple tutorials on transforming used costumes into something adorable and useful is not difficult at all. In addition, the covers you make would even make a wonderful gift. And the best part about it is that no sewing experience is necessary.

At the same time, the cushions you make might become your kid's favorite ones, especially if you get them to help you make them. So as you would do in case of relocation, to keep the little ones entertained, get them involved in exciting activities where you can work together. It will be time well spent together, and you will create amazing things.

Make a quilt

Making a quilt is a fantastic alternative if you have strong feelings about your kid's performances and costumes, especially when they won't be able to wear them again. Therefore, cut fabric squares from the outfits and sew them into a quilt. That way, your kid’s memories will live on in their dreams as they sleep at night. Also, to have a colorful blanket to cuddle up with and daydream, it’s best to use a few different costumes.


Quilt on a bed. One of the best ways to reuse your kid’s old costumes is to make a quilt. Inside it, you can sew all the beautiful memories.


Donate old costumes to charity

If your kids have outgrown their old costumes and there is nothing you can do to reuse them, donate them. Giving away old costumes is a terrific way to declutter your house and brighten someone else's day. Additionally, donating costumes to local charities helps keep your home clean while promoting the spirit of giving.

Local charities are constantly asking for donations to offer to disadvantaged families. Additionally, giving out used costumes is a considerate approach to supporting your community and preventing the costumes from ending up in landfills. In the end, any costumes you no longer need or use will be a blessing for other kids.

Final words

As you can see, you don't need to throw out your kid’s old costumes after throwing them an unforgettable costume party. In reality, you can reuse your kid’s old costumes to make new ones or make interesting things out of them. In addition, you can help your friends, family, or community by donating them to those in need. That way, you will make another child happy and contribute to saving the environment by not throwing them out and buying new ones.  

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