6 DIY Summer Costumes For Kids

6 DIY Summer Costumes For Kids

Want to make your child a costume all by yourself? Check out some of the most popular DIY summer costumes for kids!

6 DIY Summer Costumes For Kids

Are you planning a summer birthday costume party for your kids? Do you want to make a playdate unique and fun with costumes? Or maybe one of your kids wants an outfit that you don't know how to make? Well, whatever the case, we have got you covered. This article will cover some of the most popular DIY summer costumes for kids that require little to no sewing and explain what you need to do to make them. Good luck!

#1 Fruit

Some of the easiest and most requested summer costumes for kids are fruits, and they're super easy to DIY. For example, you can make your child a grape costume by blowing up several purple or green balloons and sticking or tying them onto a shirt. Then, you'll need some green fabric cut into green leaves and find a way to put them on your child's head. You can either glue or sew the leaves onto a hat or use hair ties to stick the green fabric in your daughter's hair bun.

Similarly, you can create a strawberry costume using a red shirt or a dress and some green fabric. Cut the green fabric into leaves and sew or glue them to the collar of your child's red shirt, and voila! It's that easy! You can make almost any fruit or vegetable this way!

#2 A Pirate

Pirates are a very popular costume among most kids, and they're pretty easy to DIY too! You'll need a black and white striped shirt or a white blouse. Then, you'll need to accessorize. You can easily create a believable eyepatch from black fabric and a few swords made from paper and cardboard. If you want to make a pirate hat and a pirate hook, you can, although those pieces are slightly harder to DIY. If you decide to buy the pirate hook instead of going through the trouble of making it yourself, no one will hold it against you.


<span>A kid dressed as a pirate at a </span><span>costume party</span><span>, representing DIY summer costumes for kids</span><span>.</span>


Caption: Pirate costumes have been popular with kids for years!

#3 An Octopus

Does your child want to be an octopus when they visit the aquarium? Well, now they can! You can put together an adorable sea creature costume in less than an hour, which is great if you're doing it last minute before your trip to Ripley's Aquarium. Visiting the aquarium in Toronto is just one fun way to spend the summer with your kids in Ontario!

To make this DIY octopus costume, you'll need four pairs of the same color thighs that you'll tie around your child's waist or see to the bottom of their shirt. Then, you'll need to stuff those tights and either sew them or tie them at the bottom. To complete the costume, you can stick some googly eyes or use fabric to make the eyes and stick them on the belly.

#4 A Witch

While a witch is a typical Halloween costume, some little girls like to be witches all year round. That's why a witch costume ranks fourth on our list of DIY summer costumes for kids. If you already have all the materials, you can make their dreams come true within an hour. While you can use any dark dress for a witch costume, the thing that will stand out the most, and what you probably have to DIY, is the pointy black hat.

You can use a piece of black paper, fold it and glue it into the shape of an ice cream cone. After that, you'll also need to glue a few pieces of black paper to the sides, draw a little cobweb on it, and you're done! Give your kid that hat and a broom, and they can go off casting spells at whoever they please.


Boy wearing a mask and a cape.


Caption: Give your child the chance to be a superhero for a day by making them a costume.

#5 A Superhero

Superheroes have always been popular with the kids, even before Marvel made a thousand movies about various superheroes. However, superheroes have become insanely popular in recent years, and almost every kid wants to throw a superhero-themed party. Well, if your kid is one of those, don't worry. You don't have to spend a bizarre amount of money to DIY a superhero costume for your child. You need a little bit of imagination and patience.

By sewing fabrics of different colors to a shirt, you can create the costume of almost any superhero. If you don't know how to sew or use a sewing machine, you don't have to. Instead of using a sewing machine, you may use a hot glue gun to put these costumes together. Stitch where the patterns suggest glue. However, keep in mind that if you use felt and glue, you won't be able to machine wash the costume; it'll have to be hand washed. If you use cotton and thread, you can wash the outfits in the washing machine. In the end, don't forget to make the mask so your child can keep their identity a secret when they go fighting crime!

#6 A Unicorn

Some kids are obsessed with unicorns, and that's understandable; unicorns are pretty cool. So, if you need to make a unicorn costume for your kid, we've got you covered. For starters, know that there are a couple of ways you can go about this, so make sure you talk with your child about which costume they prefer. Option one means creating a whole unicorn costume, including the horse parts (the body and the hooves). On the other hand, option two means picking up a dress and only adding a unicorn headband for a unicorn princess kind of look.

The unicorn headband is pretty easy to DIY, and it can look terrific if your child decides to go with option two. However, option two will require a lot of time and dedication. Moreover, you'll most likely need to buy special fabric for this project. An easy way to skip all of this work is to buy a unicorn onesie for your child that they can wear every day.


Kids dressed as a princess and a knight.

Caption: While these were just some of the most popular costumes in the past year, there are plenty of other options!

In Conclusion

Whether you're throwing a party or just making something special for your kids, we hope you found this list of DIY summer costumes for kids helpful. These are some of the most popular costumes and easiest to DIY. Happy sewing!


Photos used: https://www.pexels.com/photo/group-of-children-sitting-on-green-carpet-wearing-different-costumes-8612900/ 




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