Our Commitment to


As a designer & manufacturer of children's products, we take safety very seriously. We are proud to exceed the legally mandated expectations for self-monitoring with regards to all safety & procedural testing directives. All of our products are tested and held to Canadian, European and American standards (which can often mean testing the same costume to multiple test standards). At Great Pretenders, we have our own in-house safety team who work around the clock to make sure everything from our fabrics, to our beads, to the Velcro on our garments all get tested to the appropriate requirements. In addition, we also batch test our raw materials between annual required certifications, in order to be sure our ongoing production adheres to our safety promises. 
Our most loyal fans are Joyce's grandkids, and every product is made with them in mind and tested accordingly. So rest assured! Great Pretenders stand behind our ongoing promise of safe products!